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Subject: ExploitedWARNING: This story contains brutality, profanity, drug use, and homosexual
activities. This is the sole creation of the writer. Feel free to contact
me at the above email.Exploited When I was twenty-five, I had a buddy named Ethan, who was thirty-two
and gay. I wasn’t attracted to him, and we never messed around, but I did
have a lot of respect for Lolitas Nymphet Bbs
him. He had his shit together: he had been
working and saving money, since he was in high school. He wasn’t materialistic, but he did hang out with wealthy men and
their boy toys. Most of these wealthy men were late thirties and above.
One of them was named Andrew, although I don’t think that was his real
name. He was very discreet and would never say anything personal. He
looked like he was early forties, although he was probably a lot older. He
kept in great shape, was handsome, and had a few telltale signs of plastic
surgery. He was always chasing after boys. He lived for the hunt. Ethan used
to tell me that if I wasn’t twenty-five I’d be on his to-do list. He invested a lot in his pursuits. He was willing to pay anything to
get a boy, but nothing after he got him. Furthermore, he rarely settled
for escorts. The more unattainable the boy was, the more he Lolitas Nymphet Bbs wanted him.
He also seemed to be particularly fond of boys who looked like kids. Ryan was the exception to the escort rule. He was twenty-three and
did massages to pay for college. He was Andrew’s go-to boy. He was so
attractive that he had access to all the newest boys coming into the gay
community. He was also a mini-Andrew: ruthlessly driven, completely fake,
and highly manipulative. He loved the hunt, too, but the hunt for sugar
daddies. At that time, the boy Andrew wanted the most was a twenty-one year old
named Michael. Michael couldn’t be bought, and that attracted Lolitas Nymphet Bbs Andrew.
Michael’s father was one of the wealthiest businessmen in the city, so
Michael never had to work a day in his life. He always seemed to have the
latest popular vehicle, and he never wore the same clothes twice to the
clubs. He only slept with guys in their early twenties and under, and he
scored a lot of teenagers and straights. Also, he and Ryan used to be
friends, but once Michael found out about Ryan’s employment, he ditched
him. Michael looked like a kid in the face. He had a round head, tiny chin
area, full bottom lip, straight eyebrows, and Lolitas Nymphet Bbs
black hair, which he always
kept short. His eyes were as pretty and delicate as a girl’s, and they
were baby blue and slightly vacuous. His body was tall and slender, and
his skin was pale. His voice was childlike. His mannerisms were slight
and dainty, and his expressions alternated between artificial, haughty, and
detached. It looked like Andrew was never going to get Michael, especially
without Ryan. Then, Michael’s world came crashing down. One evening, Michael’s dad and uncle were arrested. It turned out
they were huge frauds, who had been swindling hundreds out of their money
for years. What made matters worse was that Michael’s older brother was
involved, and his mom was later arrested for trying to hide valuables. Within weeks, Michael was forced to quit school. He lived with
friends for a few months and then got a job at the mall. He was a horrible
worker, and he struggled to keep his job. While all that was going on, he
disappeared from the gay scene. Andrew sent Ryan to console Michael. Resultantly, Michael and Ryan
became friends again, and Ryan started looking after him. After four
months, Michael was fired, and he went to live with Ryan.* * * Every Wednesday, Ethan and I Lolitas Nymphet Bbs had a movie and snack night. It was one of those nights. Ethan seemed to have something on his
mind. Lolitas Nymphet Bbs He was unusually quiet, and he kept getting up to do random shit.
At first, I thought he just wasn’t into the movie. After the movie, he came back and sat on the couch. “You okay?” I
asked. “Yes,” he replied. He kept staring towards the TV. “I was going to
ask if you wanted to go to a party on Saturday.” “Cool. What kind of party?” “Well…,” he said and stirred uneasily. “Is it a sex party?” “It can be.” “Cool.” “Well, it’s a regular party, too. They have a pool, hot tub, and a
grill. They usually cook; have a lot of alcohol there.” “It sounds fun.” “It does cost to get in, but I’ll cover you,” he added quickly. “Why would it cost?” “There are…shows.” “You mean strip shows?” “They can be a little more than that sometimes.” I giggled. “People join in?” “Yes.” “How much does it cost?” “Don’t worry about it.” “I don’t mind paying ” “I got you,” he insisted. He paused, seemed to ponder. “These shows
can be a little extreme at times.” “What do you mean?” He was hesitant. “I’ve heard things.” He stirred again and glanced
at me. “I rarely go to these parties. It’s just…I don’t know. It’s
something to do.” “It sounds interesting. I’d definitely go.” “Okay.”* * * That evening came. Ethan picked me up at my apartment. He was
running late, due to a last minute errand he had. We drove to Willow Ridge, the third most affluent area in the city.
Our final destination was a beautiful ranch style house, which stuck out
from the colonial homes on the block. Ethan said he had to go inside alone for a few minutes. He didn’t
explain why, but I assumed it had to do with the money. Ten minutes later, he returned and brought me inside. As expected,
the interior was extravagant. There were also no small valuables in sight,
and most of the rooms were locked up. We walked over to Ryan and Andrew. Ryan was gorgeous, as usual. God
blessed him with many beautiful features, and Andrew took care of the rest.
Ryan was wearing a burgundy dress shirt and had the sleeves rolled up. A
gray vest, black tie, and dark jeans finished out his ensemble. All of it
was squeezing his tiny frame. He was also wearing a lot of cologne and
mascara, and his hair was dyed and sculpted. Ryan had two old guys fawning over him. Usually, he would stand there
and shoot the shit. However, this evening, he seemed uninterested. He
wasn’t even drinking like he normally was, and after a while, he loosened
his tie and let it hang there sloppily. I noticed Andrew glare at him a
few times. I glanced out at the back patio and noticed an old guy watching me.
With his bleached hair and club clothes, he looked flamboyant. Soon, he
came inside and approached me. “How you doing today, cutie?” he said in a
flaming voice. “He’s with me,” Ethan snapped. The man turned away and made a sneering sound. “Someone’s on the
rag,” he jeered, as he walked back outside. Ethan was unfazed. “Looks like a small crowd tonight,” he continued. “The first show already began,” Andrew responded. “Who’s the boy?” “Some kid from out of town. He’s performed here before.” “He’s so fucking nasty. He looks like he has AIDS,” Ryan blurted out. Andrew smiled, but was annoyed. Nevertheless, my interest was piqued.
“Um…,” I began. Everyone looked at me. “I want to watch,” I told Ethan. “Sure, lets go,” Ethan said. Ethan and I walked outside and went to the backside of the garage.
R&B music was blasting from it, and we could hear people inside. The door
was slightly opened, and we entered. The crowd was packed. Some were sitting in chairs, but most were
standing. The crowd was mid-thirties and above, with some guys almost in
the grave. Most were dressed casually but nicely. The room was dark, except for a few portable strobe lights on the
walls. It was also hot and smoky, and smelled like cigarettes, alcohol,
cologne, and sweat. Soon, I noticed hooks on the ceiling. A big leather daddy was the moderator. He was wearing chaps, which
exposed his groin. He had on a cock ring, making his cock appear enormous.
He looked scary and mean as hell. At first, I didn’t see the boy. Then, after a few seconds, I spotted
him dancing up against a guy. He looked like he was late teens and was
naked. He was tall, gaunt, and pallid. His face was shrunken in, and his
eyes looked hollowed out. His penis was long, skinny, and hardly erect.
He had a crew cut Lolitas Nymphet Bbs and was shaved all over. He danced with awkward, jerking
motions, and appeared lethargic and apathetic. After a while, I noticed
track marks on his arms and tiny sores on his body. He had hands groping him everywhere, as the moderator watched coldly. Suddenly, two guys appeared, carrying a metal chaise lounge and table
full of sex products. They set them up and disappeared. Afterwards, the
boy moved to the chair, bent over it, and spread what little ass he had.
His hole looked like mangled flesh. He lubed it up and shoved a black dildo into it. He barely flinched.
He began fucking himself with the dildo, as he moaned like a dying animal. A minute later, he flipped over and began fucking himself with a
bigger dildo. He looked into the crowd and saw an old bodybuilder. He
motioned him to come forward, and the man did. The man grabbed the end of
the dildo and started fucking him with it. The man was so huge that some
people yelled for him to get out of the way. Resultantly, the man got on
his knees. Then, he leaned over, put his mouth on the end of the dildo,
and began fucking the boy that way. The crowd went crazy, as the stench of
cum permeated it. I looked around and saw some guys with their dicks out. Soon, the boy was half hard. The bodybuilder returned to the crowd,
as some gave him high-fives. Then, a big black man came forward and began
using the dildo on the boy. The boy reached up, pulled out the man’s
monster cock, and started sucking it the best he could. Another man came
forward and took over dildo-duty for the black man. The Lolitas Nymphet Bbs
black man pulled his dick out of the boy’s mouth and jerked it,
until he blew a massive, white Lolitas Nymphet Bbs load on the boy’s face. Moments later, the
boy shot a small, clear load on his belly. A few men then came forward and
ejaculated on the boy. By the time it was done, the boy was dripping in
cum. Ethan and I left. We got some drinks and went inside. “That was
really hot,” I said. “It was okay,” Ethan muttered. “Is there another show?” Ethan glanced at his watch. “Yeah, should be in a few.” Guys started filing in from outside. “Will it be like the last one?” “It’s different. You’ll have to wait and see.” I scanned the room. I saw Andrew holding Ryan’s arm and whispering to
him. I didn’t think anything of it at first. Then, Ryan went to leave and
Andrew tightened his grip. Ryan yanked his arm away and stormed off.
Andrew glanced up and saw me watching him. I turned my head sharply. Thirty minutes passed, as Ethan and I drank, chatted with others, and
watched porn on one of many TVs. People then started leaving. “It’s
time,” Ethan said. We returned to the garage. Rock music was blaring this time, and a
boy was in a swing. From my view, he looked like he was late teens or
early twenties. A line of guys was forming to fuck him, as others stood
and watched. The moderator was between the swing and table from earlier.
He was making sure everyone wore a rubber. The boy was naked. His body was pale, lanky, and hairless, except for
a small bush and dark head of hair. He appeared healthier than the other
boy. He was blindfolded, and his limbs were tied to the swing. He laid
there listlessly, as one guy after the other fucked him. A few times, he
stirred or flinched, especially when he got a big dick shoved into him. After a while, Ethan disappeared. I was left standing next to a guy,
who had been checking me out earlier. He was late thirties and was
somewhat decent looking. He was ogling me again, as I tried to ignore him.
Then, he pulled out his cock, and that got my attention. His cock was fat
with a juicy, pink head. I touched it, and he smiled. “You want to taste
it?” he asked. I dropped to my knees and started sucking it. It tasted and smelled
like sweat, and I could feel its veins bulging. It started getting harder
in my mouth, as he kept saying, “Yeah.” I sucked him for a couple of minutes. Towards the end, he was rock
hard and starting to flinch all over. Abruptly, he yanked his cock out of
my mouth. “You’re going to make me cum too soon,” he said and pulled up
his briefs some. I stood up. Someone tapped me on the arm, and another person pointed
to the moderator. I looked at the moderator, and he motioned me to come
forward. I hesitated and then walked over to him. I leaned in to listen
to him, but he grabbed my shoulder and forced me down to my knees. He then
shoved his cock Lolitas Nymphet Bbs in my face, and I started sucking it. It tasted like cum
and lube, and it was so huge it felt spongy in my mouth. It never got
fully erect; it just flickered and throbbed some. After a minute, he pulled it out of my mouth and jerked it, until he
shot a small load on my face. His load looked watery and made face tingle. I stood up and watched the boy in the swing, as he was being fucked by
a nasty, old guy. The boy had an average sized dick and balls, and was
hardly erect. Lube was seeping out of his hole and was pooling up inside
the seat. I then noticed bruising in the bend of his arm, like he had been
injected. He kept mumbling gibberish, with the occasional monotone, “fuck
me,” and, “yeah.” His blindfold was so big it covered half his nose and forehead.
However, I noticed an Asian symbol tattoo near his right ileum crest. I
immediately remembered seeing Michael without his shirt at the club, and he
had the same tattoo in the same spot. I looked back at his face and
realized it was him. I got queasy and left. I went inside, walked to one of the bathrooms,
and began washing the semen off my face. Seconds later, Ryan rushed in. His face was puffy, eyes were watery,
and hair and clothes were disheveled. Hastily, he began washing his face
and wiping it on a hand towel. I was going to say something, but decided
not to. I left and went Lolitas Nymphet Bbs back to the garage. A few guys were already leaving.
The moderator was at the door, and he held out his hand to keep me from
coming inside. Lolitas Nymphet Bbs
“Everyone else is about to leave,” he said. I peered behind him and saw Andrew standing without his shirt behind a
few others. “Is Ethan still here?” I asked. “Fuck off,” he snapped and shut the door. The door hit me and startled me. Shocked and confused, I wandered off
into the yard. The flamboyant guy from earlier walked up to me. “You want
a drink?” he asked. “No.” I was staring at the garage, as more guys exited. “I think my
friend is still in there.” “Probably, he usually is.” “What do you mean? He hardly comes to these things.” He laughed aloud. “Is that what he told you?” “Yes.” “He lied to you. But you didn’t hear that from me.” “So what’s going on in there? Why they kick everyone out?” “You really want to know?” “Yes.” “Some guys paid extra to fuck him without a condom.” Lolitas Nymphet Bbs I was a little shocked. “Wow.” “Some great guy your friend is.” “So does the kid know?” “No telling with these sick fucks.” He noticed me squirm a bit. “He
gets his money, though.” I started to leave. I could hear him say something, but I didn’t
care. I went and waited in Ethan’s car, until Ethan sent me a text. Once he found out I was there, he came out in five minutes and we
left. We didn’t say much to each other on our way back Lolitas Nymphet Bbs to my place. Also,
we have never talked about that night. A few months later, Ethan moved away. He found a better paying job
close to home. The last thing I knew he was dating a younger guy and was
content. Ryan soon finished college and got a white collar job. He gave up
massaging and escorting, but was still promiscuous. Within months, he was
deep into the drug scene and was throwing Lolitas Nymphet Bbs huge parties at his Lolitas Nymphet Bbs
place. By that time, Andrew had gotten rid of Ryan and found a younger boy to
prep as his right-hand man. The boy was a thieving junky with no ambition
in life, so I know that couldn’t have ended well. Michael seemed to disappear after that night. A year later, I asked
Ryan what happened to him, and Ryan said he moved to Lolitas Nymphet Bbs Chicago to live with
family and that he returned to school and was working part-time. He also
said he settled down with a twenty-six year old, who was successful and
treated him well.The End
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